Becoming the "best version of me" is all about using my creativity to create  workouts through the use of music and movement. Ensuring my workouts are built on the basics of exercise science so they are effective and make an impact. Understanding that fitness unlocks empowerment. 


Fun. Movement should make you feel strong, unlock your potential and release  endorphins! 

Impact. Exercise primarily improves your health,  confidence, relationships, mood, body!

Together. Movement in unity produces inclusion, empowerment, and community versus competion. 


HIIT The Step 


920 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Returns January 2019


Music Driven choreographed HIIT session aimed to empower  you. 

50 min.*Improved strength, agility, fat loss, lean muscle growth and increased empowerment.

Cardio Crush  Coming soon!

Dynamic cardio movements inspired by kickboxing and dance to make you sweat and burn calories while having fun. This class is paired with strengthening exercises to sculpt the arms, abs and booty. 50 min. *Improved cardio endurance, muscle tone, increased calorie burn, empowerment. 


Eve's energy is contagious! The time flies by in her class

 Workout is challenging, but a lot of fun. Eve is the best! She demonstrates the moves, provides modifications, and has the energy to keep you motivated! 

Eves class was fantastic - she was super encouraging and motivating. Would highly recommend!

 Eve really thinks her routine through. Workout flies by you are challenged and you leave energized. Amazing music as well 

Eve is always the best energy and workout and great music

 Always my fav teacher. She makes working out fun and kicks your butt while she does it 

She was motivating with the right amount of energy. Would return for her class

This is the best instructor here if you want to get fit go to eves class !!!!!! 

Eve is super amazing! Take her class if you want a good workout.

 Eve is the (abs)olute best. if you want to whip yourself into shape, take this class! 

Excellent music, work out and instructor!

 Eve had such a great energy! Amazing work out!